About Us

The Company

Established in 2016, MacroCaps emerged from a groundbreaking vision: to create a supercapacitor that far surpasses existing market standards. Fueled by persistence, hard work, and innovation, we proudly introduced the Macro supercapacitor to the world.

With our patented technology, we enhance energy efficiency, prolong the lifespan of energy storage systems and facilitate the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources, driving innovation across various applications.

Our tailored solutions embody our commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness, positioning us as a trusted partner in shaping a sustainable, efficient, and electrified future.

Our office and production facility are located in Dragør, near metro, bus, and airport facilities, ensuring easy accessibility for everyone.

Patented Technology

At MacroCaps, we believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change. We take pride in our patents for our supercapacitor, emphasizing its unique design and potential to transform energy storage across industries. Our patents symbolizes our commitment to innovation and serves as evidence of our dedication to a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape.