The team

Led by an Experienced Team

Thomas Albert, Chairman of the Board, Founder

Our esteemed Chairman of the Board is a seasoned entrepreneur and financier with an outstanding track record. As a Co-Founder of Pentia A/S and Sitecore Corp., he played a key role in establishing Sitecore Corp as a global technology leader in internet systems. Sitecore’s cutting-edge solutions are utilized by over 5000 prominent brands worldwide, including industry giants such as United Airlines, Puma, L’Oréal, and many more. His exceptional leadership and vision led to the successful sale of Sitecore Corp to EQT in 2016, a monumental achievement valued at 1 Billion €. With his invaluable expertise, Thomas is driving strategic financial excellence within our organization actively contributing to the overall success of our company

Morten Ratje, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Our Chief Executive Officer is a forward-thinking leader and accomplished professional, well-versed in the intricacies of both publicly listed and privately owned global companies. His expertise spans various corporate structures and environments, providing valuable insights. Additionally, he possesses extensive knowledge in supply chain management, global logistics, and business management. With a proven track record in both startup ventures and established enterprises, our CEO is committed to fostering innovation and excellence within our organization.

Mathias Schmidt, Senior Technical Specialist, Partner

Our Technical Specialist is a highly experienced professional with a robust background in Research and Development, gained from ITU, Denmark. His expertise spans various domains, such as electronics, infrastructure, hardware development, software development, and testing. With a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, he serves as a pivotal Senior Technical Specialist, actively enhancing our organization’s technical excellence and driving innovation.

Vision and Values

Our vision is to lead the way in pioneering energy solutions that transform industries and promote sustainability. With innovation at our core, transform global power quality and stability integrating renewable energy sources for a greener future.


We adhere to a philosophy that values respect for individuals and promotes close collaboration to achieve common goals.

Innovative Work Environment

We actively act on workplace ideas and foster a culture of creativity and improvement.

Creating New Value

We continuously strive to create new value that drives innovation and progress.


The needs of our customers are our top priority, guiding our actions and innovation.


Safety forms the foundation of everything we do, ensuring well-being for our team and stakeholders.