Built-in Active Balancing

Each MacroCap unit is equipped with its own integrated active balancing technology. The balancing system continuously monitors and reports data, including ID, temperature, internal pressure, and voltage to the control computer.

Flexible and Efficient Systems

MacroCaps rack and cabinet systems stand out as unmatched solutions in the market, offering unparalleled flexibility. With their superior energy capacity and variable DC power output, they cater to general and specialized applications. This exceptional flexibility is achieved through a dual-level approach. At the lower level, the built-in balancing card controls individual MacroCaps on a cell level. Simultaneously, at the higher level, the rack operate in series or parallel configurations, delivering substantial power output without the need for any cabling between each cell. The system is available in indoor or outdoor rack cabinets and containerized solutions of various sizes (10, 20 or 40 feet). Tailored to specific needs due to its exceptional adaptability, each MacroCaps system becomes truly one-of-a-kind.

Advanced Energy Storage

We are at the forefront of the energy storage industry, offering supercapacitor systems that redefine energy storage capabilities by providing extremely high rates of capacitance.

The World’s most Powerful Supercapacitors and Systems

Since 2016, we have successfully developed and introduced our groundbreaking patented architecture for the world’s most powerful capacitor systems. This innovative system utilizes a single series of the most potent double-layer capacitors ever manufactured.

The single-series configuration can be flexibly arranged in parallel and/or into a series providing an even greater capacity for energy storage. The power delivery of this system is only limited by the power and quantity of deployed inverters.

With an ultra-low Equivalent Serial Resistance (ESR), the MacroCap eliminates the need for additional cooling mechanisms for the capacitors themselves. Currently recognized as the most powerful electrical capacitor in production, the Macro Capacitor is manufactured from inert materials, ensuring environmental safety.

Setting a new standard, it is the first capacitor system to incorporate built-in CPU-controlled active balancing and voltage protection, making it a revolutionary choice in the market.


  • Remove limitations to power output
  • Easy installation – no cabling required between the Caps
  • Can charge and discharge in milliseconds
  • Flexible Modular design
  • Can operate flow-through
  • Close to 100% cycle efficiency – virtually no energy loss
  • Built-in active digital balancing
  • Do not require cooling
  • Are non-combustible
  • Very Long lifetime

Specifications -1 MacroCaps Unit

  • 2,7 Volt
  • 25000 Farads

Specifications -One Rack in Series

  • 24.3 V
  • 2777.78 Farads
  • 820 KiloWatt

Specifications - 1 System Cabinet in Series

  • 243 V
  • 277.78 Farads
  • 8200 KiloWatt
  • Example Energy drag 10% voltage drop 1s
  • Power Delivered (1s) kW: 1558.24 Current delivered (1s) Amps: 3375

Specifications - 3 System Cabinets in Series

  • 729 V
  • 92.59 Farads
  • 24600 KiloWatt
  • Example Energy drag 10% voltage drop 1s
  • Power Delivered (1s) kW: 4674.71 Current delivered (1s) Amps: 3375

Specifications - 8 System Cabinets in Series

  • 1994 V
  • 34.72 Farads
  • 65610 KiloWatt
  • Example Energy drag 10% voltage drop 1s
  • Power Delivered (1s) kW: 12465.90 Current delivered (1s) Amps: 3375

Patented Technology

MacroCaps’ supercapacitor propels the expansion of the grid and the development of various types of energy sources, smoothing out energy fluctuations and ensuring grid stability with immediate response. MacroCaps technology is engineered to deliver megawatts of energy in milliseconds. Our high performance supercapacitors guarantees stability, making it suitable for all applications with rapid energy requirements. The system can be tailored providing large amounts of energy in a very short time.

Our technology is powered by our revolutionary patented design, providing outstanding power and energy density. The unique design of our supercapacitor includes built-in digital balancing, allowing for easy and straightforward installation in both serial and parallel configurations. Additionally, individual MacroCap units are connected without the use of cables, making them easy to install and maintain.

Benefits of Our Rack and Cabinet Systems


Our rack systems are built with the possibility of individual customization. This means they can be tailored to meet a wide range of customer needs. Whether specific energy capacities, voltage levels, or other unique requirements are necessary, our modular approach ensures the system can be configured to meet precise specifications.


The cable-free design not only simplifies installation but also enhances overall system efficiency. With no need for extensive cables and connectors, there are fewer energy losses, resulting in a more efficient energy storage solution.


Our modular rack systems are scalable, allowing to start with a configuration that fits current needs and expand as requirements grow. This scalability ensures that the energy storage solution can adapt to changes in demand over time.

Minimum Maintenance

Starting with 25000 farad and with the streamlined and modular design, maintenance becomes simpler. There are fewer units and components to monitor and maintain.

Compact Design

The compact and cable-free nature of our rack systems provides significant space savings. This is particularly valuable in systems where the area is limited, as it allows for efficient utilization of available space.

Unparallel Reliability

By minimizing cable connections and utilizing our modular design, potential errors are reduced, ensuring an energy storage system that can be trusted.

Seamless Installation

Our unique cable-free design streamlines the installation process, saving both time and costs. With fewer components to connect, configuring our systems is effortless. This simplicity ensures a hassle-free experience for our clients, making the integration of our energy storage solutions swift and efficient.